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Functional Benefits of Fish First Nutrition

Human-Grade Fish for Pets

We use only premium, human-grade fish that were destined for restaurants and grocery stores. There is nothing fishy about our fish so you can be confident that you’re feeding your pet the same delectable fish you love to eat!

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Full Utilization of Every Fish

As part of our sustainability efforts, we are committed to the complete utilization of every fish harvested for Boat to Bowl pet food. Your pet benefits nutritionally from consuming the entire fish, which are properly cut and cooked before being used in our recipes.

Helpful Resources for Pet Parents

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Health Benefits of Seafood for Cats

If you've ever asked, "Can my cat have fish?", the definitive answer is yes! Here's a rundown on the top nutrition benefits of seafood for cats.

How to Transition Your Cat to Our Food

Help your cat (and their digestive system) make the switch to fish-first nutrition with this Boat to Bowl transition guide.

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